Sunday, February 17, 2013

Affenpinscher wins the Dog Show 2013

So the recent Westminster dog show for 2013 that was on TV the other night is the hot topic of discussion this week in the dog world.
The AFFENPINSCHER "Banana Joe" was the winner!
Heres what I have gathered about this particular dog from the various news sources

  • He responds to 4 languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and German
  • This is his 86th best in show
  • He is 5 years old. Pretty handsome for a 5 year old. 
  • 1st of his breed to win best in show out of 137 westminster dog shows.
Now what about this breed? 
Have you ever heard of the Affenpinscher breed?
I have but your average person has probably not.

Heres some information for you about the breed

Fun Facts
  • Affen = monkey in German   thats why it can be referred to as the monkey faced dog 
  • Pinscher = terrier in German
  • In France it is known as the Diabletin Moustache "the moustached little devil"
  • Smallest of the pinschers and schnauzers
  • It is debatable whether the Griffon Bruxellois contributed to the Affenpinscher or vice versa.
  • Originated in Germany in the 1600s
  • Was 1st used to rid the home and stables of rats and small vermin and also as lap dogs.
  • This was a very popular breed in Germany up until World War II. After the war it has remained an extremely rare breed in Germany and America.
  • Recognized by the AKC in 1936.
  • Terrier at heart: Busy, Inquisitive, Bold and Stubborn.
  • Monkey like as well: Playful, mischievous and has been known to climb. 
Coat and body
  • Naturally scruffy looking toy dog has keen intelligence and is exceedingly affectionate. Its thick coat benefits from daily brushing.
  • Height of: 9.5 -11in.
  • Weight of 7-8lbs.

Overall the Affenpinscher is a nice breed that can be very active and needs attention and mental stimulation.

But please don't go looking for one just because it won best in show. When these rare breeds suddenly become in high demand because of popularity for a short time the chances of inbreeding and causing many inbred diseases goes way up. 


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