Saturday, December 21, 2013

Remote collar / E-collar

Remote Collars can be a great tool when you use the right brand and they are used correctly.
You may have heard them called a "Shock" collar.
They do not harm the dog. Once you train the dog with the collar it is just another form of communication with your dog. It is a lot less force full and actually is kinder on your dog than physical corrections from any other form of collar. It is a gentle reminder of what they are supposed to be doing. Anyone that truly wants their dog to be off leash should invest in an ecollar. It allows me the confidence and safety that no matter what I have control of what my dog is doing. You can train all day every day and there is still a % that your dog can make their own decisions. There are things that we can't train or prepare for. I want to have control of that %.  I am a safe driver but I still wear my seat belt. That's how I think of my ecollar. It's there if I need it but the majority of the time it isn't needed once the dog is trained.
The brands that we recommend are
Einstein / E-collar Technologies and Dogtra.
Mini Educator/Einstein Collar is the ecollar that we carry that is included in training plans. It is considered at "small dog collar" but I have yet to meet a dog that needed anything more.
Both of these collars are great and have a wide range of options.
The lowest level "Small dog collar" is all that is needed on most pet dogs.
Mini Einstein/ Educator + Dogtra 280
Has 100 levels of momentary or continuous. If we decide this is the right tool for your dog I have you feel it 1st. Most people feel it between an 8 - 20. I almost guarantee you your dog will feel it between a 3-7.
It has a boost button for emergencies and has a vibrate option.
There are other good brands out there like Tritronics and Garmin but those tend to work at a higher level than most dogs need and are a little more tricky to work and switch between dogs on a multi dog unit.
We DO NOT recommend most of the E-collars that you can find at your local pet store like Petsafe and Sportdog collars. Most of those collars have a very limited selection of levels like 4 or 5 and the levels jump quite a bit because it has so few options.

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