Monday, January 14, 2013

Prong Collar

We HIGHLY recommend you see a trainer to ensure proper fitting and usage of a collar for your dog!
Prong Collars can be seen as a "painful" tool or only for bad dogs.
The type of collar you use for your dog is based on what works best for both you and your dog.
Prong Collars can be a FABULOUS tool when used CORRECTLY!
Prong Collars should fit snug on the neck so that it does not flip around while on the dogs neck.
When putting a prong collar on you disconnect the links and fit it around the dogs neck.
NEVER should it be slid over the dogs head.
When I fit a prong collar I prefer to have the chain portion under the neck. The prong collar should also fit up high on the neck.
One in a million times a prong collar will randomly come undone for no apparent reason. It will be at the worst possible time ever. I HIGHLY advise that you backup the prong collar with a slip collar. I hook the leash up to both rings.
When using a prong collar it should stay LOOSE unless you are making a correction.
A prong collar is NOT to put on a dog to stop pulling by letting the dog pull until it is uncomfortable. There is a proper way to use every collar PLEASE seek out the help of a professional before you put equipment on your dog.
Be VERY careful about what you use your prong collar for. A Prong simulates a bite and if you are trying to correct dog reactivity you definitely don't want to use a prong unless otherwise specified by your trainer.
Some dogs elevate and get more intense with a prong than they would with a different collar on.
The dogs personality also depends on whether a prong should be used.
Technically a prong collar is more "humane" than a slip collar as it distributes the weight evenly around the the neck and doesn't concentrate on any one area.
The prong collar can mean using less pressure to get the desired results instead of harder corrections. Can also be great for people who don't have alot of strength to wrestle with the dog.

 Here is an example of backing up your collar.
This dog has both a prong and a type of slip chain hooked up together.

Here is another way to backup your collar.
Leerburg now makes a special leash specifically for backing up your prong collar. You can also use a double down leash or european leash.

WE DO NOT recommend using this type of prong to the left.
This is made to be fitted as a flat collar. We don't recommend you use a prong like this.

Your traditional prong collar looks like this. Where you take it apart anywhere by unhooking the links and hooking them together around the dogs neck

Some people feel bad about using a prong collar or for a dog with a more sensitive skin around the neck like Boxers, Pit Bulls, some hounds. Adding these can be an option. These are little plastic caps for the tips of the prongs. 

Or if you just want to avoid dealing with others that do not understand the use of the prong collar. There are many different things that you can buy or make to put on your prong collar to make it look like a normal collar. I often just suggest to put a bandanna on on top if you are worried at all. 

The prongs can stick and can be difficult to pinch to get out and back in. Or some people don't have alot of strength in their hands and may want to look into a different option in design in putting the prong collar on. 

The prong collar with the quick release collar can be found at most petsmart locations. This can be MUCH easier to use than trying to undo the normal prongs and putting them back together.
They also make a quick release normal prong. I advise against this one as I have found that it tends to come apart ALOT more and winds up being more trouble than it is worth. 

 There is a plastic style prong collar available.
THis collar doesn't come apart as easily as the traditional prong collar
We also don't feel that this collar is as effective as the normal prong collar.

You can always purchase extra links if the collar you buy doesn't have enough 

I generally advise the smaller prong collar and just to buy more links. The 2.25mm.

They make one even smaller but normally it needs to be ordered online it is called a micro mini prong - works well for smaller breeds.

Just like all other collars we do not recommend that you just let the dog pull against it.
We also never recommend that any collar is left on any dog unsupervised. In a crate, house, backyard or any other area unsupervised. But PLEASE Microchip your dogs!


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