Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slip Collars

There are so many different types of equipment out there to use with your dog. All dogs are different and have different personalities - and require different levels of equipment.  All equipment has its time and place. Using higher equipment does not mean you have a bad dog, that's just what your dog needs for now.  In this blog I will be demonstrating the proper positioning of the collars and rules as to when not to use the equipment.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you see a trainer before using ANY training equipment with your dog. It's not just the collar its how its used. An improperly used collar or harness can do more harm than good or worsen a problem you were trying to correct.

More commonly known as the "Choke" chain.
When it is fit improperly it will "choke the dog".
When finding the right size for your dog it should be just big enough to fit over your dogs head. It should seem like a tight fit over the head because it will still be loose on their neck.
It should be fit to stay up higher on their neck to be the most effective.
The use of a slip collar should be to make a quick "pop" or jerk like correction to get the dogs attention. The leash should NEVER stay tight EVER.
PLEASE seek out a trainers help in using ANY new equipment.
Proper fitting of a slip collar.
Whichever side you are on the chain should slip over the top.
The video shows the proper use and fitting with the way the collar is on that would be correct if you have your dog walking on your left side.
So you can see how on the right it slips from the top this allows you to keep it loosen the leash and the collar loosens. If it is on wrong incorrectly on the left picture it will tighten and stay tight. That is why it is called a "choke chain" that is not how we are going to use it. 
There are a few different types of slip collars
  • Standard Chain collar - is what you are probably familiar with

  • Nylon Slip Collar - softer collar. Can be better for dogs with sensitive skin - often bully breeds and catches less in the hair of long haired breeds. They don't tend to "look as bad" they are just as effective if used properly as the chain collar.
            • Toggle collar by Herm Sprenger. This collar doesn't have to fit over the head the unique "toggle" design is made so that it can fit like a bracelet the toggle fits through the hole so it can be fitted around the neck. This can be especially nice for dogs whose heads are extra big compared to their necks like ... mastiffs, rottweilers, pitties, some goldens, male labs..etc. Being able to have a slightly tighter fit can make it more affective. 

  • Dominant Dog Collar. Helps to keep it up higher and stay more affective. Leerburg has a great video on how to fit it.

  • Nylon / Leather Slip collar with a stopper.  - These collars are similar to the dominant dog collar as it helps to keep it up higher thus keeps the collar more effective.  The stopper is moveable but it sticks well.

Just like all other collars we do not recommend that you just let the dog pull against it.
We also never recommend that any collar is left on any dog unsupervised. In a crate, house, backyard or any other area unsupervised. But PLEASE Microchip your dogs!


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