Friday, January 18, 2013

Head Halters

Head halters can be a very useful tool for some types of dog training.
Just like harnesses Head halters tend to be a management tool not necessarily a training tool.
When you take the head halter off your dog will not walk as well as when it was on.
But it can be great for people that don't want anything other than to be able to walk their dogs.
If not used properly it can rub and hurt the bridge of the dogs nose.

It can also be a great tool for having control of the mouth. When working with a dog that can be dog reactive   it can be great for doing close dog on dog training and still having control of the mouth if you need it. 
Or dogs that can be people aggressive you still can have control of the mouth when needed. 
The head halters are not a muzzle. They don't do anything to restrict the mouth unless you are pulling up on it. 

When using a head halter we recommend the HALTI collar.
We like the fact that the Halti has a safety strap going from the connection for the leash to the collar.
This halti is not properly fitted on this fake dog head. The neck strap behind the head should be right up directly behind the ears.

There are other variations and types of head halters.
Another one is the Gentle leader. If you use the gentle leader make sure to make your own safety strap because they don't come with one.  They can also be a lot harder to fit properly without the help of a trainer.

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